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  1. I'm having the same problem intermittent low volume. though it was my cable so i cut and resoldered the jacks and then just bought a new lead all together. this didnt solve the problem, also changed guitars nothing helped. any ideas with this repair, im happy taking it apart and fixing if i knew the issue!
  2. How do i switch to a wah function instead of volume control? line 6 spider jam classic 75watt mkII pedal thanks
  3. Hi not sure which pedals i can get for the line 6 spider jam classic 75watt. Links would be really helpful. thanks tim
  4. Hi like in the title just wondering where the serial number is on the line 6 spider jam amp. there is a place on the back that says serial number but there isn't a number there, im trying to access the free lessons online and theres no way to message line 6 directly! thanks tim
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