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Found 8 results

  1. Just checking to see if anyone else has experienced very low to no volume output -- even if amp is cranked up all of the way. It happens from time to time -- and doesn't matter if plugged into guitar or auxiliary input. Can't depend on the amp to bring at gig or practice, since it is intermittent. Firmware or Hardware issue?? Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks for any help.
  2. I gigged with my new Spider V 120 for the first time last night. I'd previously used a Spider IV 75 with the same band in the same club (using the same guitar), and had had no problems cutting through, but with the Spider V 120 the guitar was buried despite being maxed out on both the volume pedal and the Master volume, on all patches. (I play jazz funk-fusion and generally use clean sounds, but even the patches that had Classic Distortion it didn't cut like I expected; the only sounds that were as loud as I'd expected were those using a Synth sound). Given that the Spider V is supposed to have 45 more watts than the Spider IV, I was very disappointed. (I doubt that the difference has to do with the tweeter in the V...). Has anybody found an effective way of boosting the overall output of the V 120? I'd rather not run through the PA (which is already overburdened).
  3. I really need your help with a mystery. I was getting ready for worship practice and had all my sounds programmed in and everything was fine. I use snapshots exclusively. When I got to the church I plugged in my Helix and powered it up and it sounded terrible. The sound in my monitor was really low and nothing sounded even close to how it sounded at my house. The sound seemed heavily compressed and the overdrives didn't sound overdriven at all. I had to have the sound guy turn me way up in my monitor and I had to turn the Helix volume up to 100% just to hear it and it still wasn't as loud as it normally is at 50% volume and a lower setting at the mixing board. At church I plug the Helix into a power strip which is plugged into an extension chord and then into a wall outlet. At home I also plug into an outlet strip but it goes directly into the wall. There is no extension chord in the mix at home. That is the only difference. I've been playing this way at church with my Helix for the past 9 months and there hasn't been an issue. After practice I came home and plugged in and everything sounded just like it did before I went to the church. I'm stumped?? Can an outlet strip possibly let enough power through to turn the Helix on but not enough for it to function properly? I play every Sunday and just can't play this weekend if it sounds like it did tonight. Why would it sound great at home - then not great at the church - then great again when I got home? I'm having a hard time believing it could be the Helix. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  4. Has anyone else tried to use the mic input on the Helix for vocals? When using just headphones, are you able to hear anything without turning the mic gain way up (which causes distortion) as well as the headphones volume? I've tried with a few different mics of varying types and nothing really helps (SM57, Neumann TLM102 w/phantom power turned on). I tried the template for guitar and vocals and I notice the same issue there. Its just entirely too quiet. Forget about hearing any sort of vocal if you are playing a guitar/bass at the same time. Am I the only one encountering this volume issue with the mic input? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am using a DT25 head with 2 cabs. I turn on the amp 1 evening for band rehearsals and all I get is a very low volume, fizzy sound. Please see the attached video. In the video, it actually sounds louder than it is in real life...I probably had the iphone close to the speaker.. - this is at full channel and master volume. Does anyone know why this is happening? I was using it just the night before with no indication of any kind of potential failure. Thinking it might be a tube issue, I reseated all the 3 tubes but no luck. I havent tried changing the tubes out yet - looking to see if anyone else has experienced something similar Any thoughts would be much appreciated DT25 issue.wmv
  6. Hey there. I tried searching around for a topic that might help me resolve the issues I seem to be having,but everything I have tried seems to be failing. Im using Reaper with my UX2.I have a Seinheisse E825 S running in with an XLR using either Gearbox or PodFarm I was trying to run the channel in dry,as I want it sound as natural as possible as I have it mic'd up to my HD147,but when I record,the volume seems to be incredibly low on playback. Can anyone tell me if I might be doing something worng? I also seem to get latency issues through my headphones when playing. Im completely stumped,but if any other info is needed to help me get up and running (I'm kinda new to this,so I could even be wrong with some of the terminology Im using) I can provide it,and I'd be grateful for any help
  7. Hello. I own a HD500 for a few days now. I think the models and everything are great, but I'm really having problems with the volume. For example I want to use the AC30 model, but even when I max the Channel Volume ( CH VOL ) and the Drive I can't get enough volume to work with. I even maxed the level to +12db in the mixer and still can't get a decent amount of volume ( the volume is there, but considering max. CH Vol, max. Drive, max. boost in the mixer, it's definitely not acceptable ). I could of course use compression or distortion in front of the amp, but I can't see that as a solution, since I maxed everything and still not getting a good volume and comp. or dist. also affect the sound ( of course ). I searched quite a bit and this guy here seems to have the same problem: I have my HD500 connected via USB, which is also how I record. I made pictures of the settings and also recorded my guitar ( one with just the AC30 model and the other one with added compression ). I think the compressed one sounds fine, but I'm not satisfied with having to always use a compression for the cleaner amp models ( some models give a nice amount of volume, especially the more dirty ones ). Also the output mode is set to studio/line, but also tried other options in the software and also on the HD500 itself ( the switches ). Can you guys try my settings and upload your playing? What could be the problem? My guitar pickups should give enough output ( EMG DG-20 active pickups with fully loaded battery ). Kind regards, John clean.mp3 clean_comp.mp3
  8. scott22v

    Bad Sounds

    Hey folks. My spider jam started doing all kinds of funky stuff. Flange automatically coming on. And just the tones in general are sounding horrible. I already upgraded the firmware from 2.07 to 2.09. but it didnt fix the tone. Sounds like a busted speaker sometimes. I checked the speaker and the connections thats not the problem. When I turn to clean tone it is not clean by any means and the volume is really low.
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