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  1. Thank you!!!!! The right click, set as default worked!!!! You rock man, thanks again!!!
  2. I even just tried a factory restore & it still is not working.
  3. Updated to 2.5 & I have my floor unit connected to my computer via the USB. I practice with mp3s from my computer & they would come through the Helix. Now they are not. Any ideas why not? The Helix is showing on my computer as a playback device & is enabled but the audio is not going through the Helix like it should. My Global settings for the ins/outs on the Helix for USB say: Multi/USB in 1/2 Destination. I attached a couple screen shots.
  4. I have a Variax JTV 59 & Helix floor model. I know how to download custom tones into the Helix but what is the process for the Variax with ones like this that are for the Variax as well. I do have Workbench HD for my Varix. I also know how to hook up my Varix to the Helix. Does Workbench & the Variax just recognize the custom assignments because it is hooked up to the Helix? Thanks!
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