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  1. I would like Helix Native to add ability to define hardware switch assignments, pedals etc so that an entire preset can be built remotely and transferred to helix floor with all switch assignments defined. https://line6.com/support/topic/57321-helix-native-set-up-switchespedals-for-floor/
  2. As I understand it currently, presets created in Native can be transferred to the floor unit but switch assignments or pedal assignments don't translate? Is that true? I'd like the ability to define the entire preset in Native (i.e. all the effects/amp, scenes, assign the footswitch layout and names, ext pedal control etc) and then transfer it to the hardware unit. It's often a bit easier for me to leave my Helix at church with other equipment and build presets at home using native. I've done this successfully but only with scenes. It makes sense that Native wouldn't have ability to assign footswitches based on the main use for DAW/recording but man this feature would further streamline the Helix workflow.
  3. They make USB and midi extenders...
  4. What program are you using to run tracks? I use Ableton Live and connect the computer to Helix via USB. the Helix syncs to the tempo so long as you allow it to receive midi clock. i recommend connecting the helix to the computer running tracks if possible with usb or midi
  5. Gunmetal...can you elaborate on what you did to send the individual tracks to certain outputs and by pass the Helix processing? I want to do the same thing: take the 8 outs from USB and send them to the 8 1/4" send/returns to go to FOH
  6. I understand the Helix can handle 8 in/outs with the USB. Is it possible to assign these to the send/returns directly? For example, 8 separate tracks from the USB, each one going to its own send or return (send 1, return 1, send 2, return 2, etc.) to serve as an audio interface for sending the 8 tracks individually to FOH? I like the idea of passing the audio via USB straight to 1/4" outputs in the FX loop to FOH, all while maintaining midi over USB to control the said device. Would be very useful when playing backing tracks and controlling the backing track device.
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