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  1. Hi guys! I'm trying to build a set up that will work for me at home as that's where i play mostly at. I'm total noob so please don't hate me right away. As the Bono sings "I know i'm not a hopeless case" haha ;) I've got UX2 + 2x Yamaha HS7 + Pod Farm basic that came with UX2. I'm lazy - I'm not driven about creating "my own" sound and trying to reinvent the wheel. I want a vast database of already existing and working sounds presets that I could use easily for playing different styles, covers and record guitar. Now - is POD Farm premium worth investing or should i look into other solutions / software such as TH3, Amplitube, GuitarRig ? I've browsed through Custom Tone database and it looks massive but obviously a lot of it doesn't work for me since I've got basic version of pod farm. Also - what sort of foot controller could go perfectly with it and what would you recommend? And is it better to invest in floorboard like HD500x (or other better/newer one?) instead of Pod Farm to sort out my problems? :D Thanks.
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