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  1. I did. I felt the JCM800 mod was closer to the specs rather than boosting the Mandarin with the Minotaur or Compulsive Drive.
  2. I'm trying to sell my modded Laney and my Mesa amp. That's how much I can testify to the quality of the Helix. It's been a huge leap from the sound I remember of my PodXt Live I had in college.
  3. I know people want to get an Orange Rockerverb sound and I'm sure that will be in an update sooner or later. That being said, has anyone used the Line 6 2204 Mod to get a tone relatively close? I own a Laney VH100R amp head and it always got close to the Rockerverb sound by just turning down the presence control. It's a British amp that focuses on the lower mids instead of the upper mids like a Marshall. Selecting the mid frequency to about 500hz-800hz should get you there. Anyone else try this?
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