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  1. Hello all, I just did the same thing. Without thinking too much about the way everything would link up, or not knowing that my new spider jam amp didnt have an effects loop on the back, I record a track, (say with a clean sound) then when I go to switch my tone on the amp it makes the recorded sounds have the newly selected tone..... I’ve ordered some pedals to solve the problem, but with all the great tones that come with the amp, I wish I didn’t have to do that! Maybe I just don’t understand how to get the tones in front of the looper.... there must be a better way to achieve this...... Thanks in advance! Also on the spider jam, when you turn the knob to select chorus for example, you can’t select say a 40% chorus with a 20 phaser as well as 10% flanger, its only one of the three, correct? If so, that’s kinda limiting? I love the amp tho....
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