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  1. USA its an older apartment building.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. I think i found the problem. I live in an apartment, and noticed the situation only happens after around 5pm. Anything earlier and the pod is clear and usable. That makes me think my electrical socket is connected with my neighbors somehow and he must have something plugged in during that time to cause the hiss. I have a furman m-8x2 power conditioner, but that doesnt seem to help the problem. The wall outlet is a 2 prong, so i have to use an adapter because the power supply for the pod pro has a ground. But like i said before a certain time, tthere is no issue of hiss. What else can i use to eliminate the problem?
  3. I have input 1 set to guitar, and input 2 set to variax. There is still a static/hum in the higher frequencies. I cant even use the gain or treble knobs to their potential without hearing the noise.
  4. Im using the pod hd pro for bass guitar. Im setting up a dual amp patch. I noticed when i use a high gain amp or an amp with a little crunch to it, (the guitar amps) there is this ugly static in the higher frequencies. If i turn the gain down (its only at like 60ish) it goes away, but it kills the distorted tone im after. Ive played with the treble and presence. Ive lowered the bias. It seems to help a little, but the noise wont go away. Ive tried equeing it out, but if i lower the highs it kills my tone. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks. Is there an actual bookbag option?
  6. Can anyone give me a link or an idea of a backpack that would be a good fit for a pod hd500x.
  7. Is the fbv 3 foot controller compatible with the pod hd bean? Thanks
  8. You would reply with a douchey comment
  9. inv3rtTheSky

    New update

    Pod hd deserves one more update. People are still buying the units, i hope they give us an update soon. I want a b7k pedal sim for the bass lol. I know the helix has the obsidian.
  10. Im trying to create a b7k tone with my pod hd pro. What would be a good starting point? Or does anyone have any patches already?
  11. Looking for ambient patches. Delay, reverb, space. Thanks
  12. I recently bought the fbv 3 to go along with the pod hdnpro x. Is there a way to assign patches to foot switches? Is there a manual the tells me the factory functions for controlling the pod? And is there a software to edit the fbv 3 and assign patches to switches? Or do i have to just order my patches in the user banks in a certain order?
  13. Hi. I just recently bought a pod hd pro x. Im running it through an alto powered pa speaker. Can any of you share or point me in the right direction of some bass patches. Looking for a variety. Clean, delay, reverb. Thanks
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