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  1. Hello, I'm from Germany, I hope you'll understand my problems. :lol: First of all, I bought a POD X3 Live few days ago and I deleted all presets the pre-owner created, because they didn't fit to my music (Alternative Rock/Metal, style from My Chemical Romance, Muse, Placebo to Lordi, Sabaton and Ghost, little Djent sometimes). I want to create some new presets and I know how to do that, but it needs very long time, I think and I want to do that faster. I just need some solo sounds, one for two, a rhythm sound with a modern Marshall-like sound (I own three Fame Studio Reverb Amps, which are kinda like a reference for my distortion sound), a not so distorted rhythm sound and a nice clean sound. I'm slightly irritated with that dual tone option, that is always on, no matter what sound I want to have. Seriously, I don't need that feature so should I turn the volume of the second amp simulation down? I don't need stereo-effects or things like that. Is there a quick and comfortable possibility to create sounds on my laptop (MacBook Pro) and load them on my POD X3 Live? I have a small software package of Line6 Monkey and POD Farm free. I don't see a possibility to do something I want to do with these softwares, do I need something else, or can I only create presets on my POD X3 Live? Thank you
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