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  1. Good day. My first post here. I've never used a Line 6 gear but really interested in the Pod Go. Please pardon my ignorance on how the HX works. On my GT-100 I have 4 switches to switch patches and 3 more switches to modify things within a patch (so effectively 3 snapshots(?) in Line 6 term). It seems you have to press bank up/down to switch between preset view and snapshot view. Am I correct? The way I do it on GT is using the presets when I need to change sounds completely (i.e clean to distortion) and the "snapshots" when I need to do minor change like activating boost, modulation, etc. and I don't have to switch between them because both modes are always available. Wondering if I can still do this on the Pod Go? Not a dealbreaker but still very nice to have. Also does it have whammy? And if it does, can you assign it to the expression pedal? The pedal label only says wah or volume though the web page does mention you can change effect parameters so I'm not sure :/
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