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    Helix FAQ

    I'll need two outputs (stereo pan) for the guitar. Which leaves me with two more outputs. If I understand correctly, it is not possible to apply more that four different paths of effects, which means that imputs going towards the same output will have to share the same set of effects ? Anyway, wonderful machine it seems.
  2. HavocoDLB

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for your reply ! Yes, I'm going to buy the big Helix (not the LT) anyway. Would it be also possible to add a 4th source (a keyboard), or are there only 3 imputs (main in, aux in, mic in) ?
  3. HavocoDLB

    Helix FAQ

    Hello there, I'm considering buying a Line 6 Helix and I have a few questions : - I plan to plug both electric guitar and bass to the Helix (I heard it's possible ?), can I also add a mic (in the "mic in") and apply it a reverb or something, for vocals ? The idea is to get everything out to the FOH, using stereo XLR. - Is it possible to have each signal going to separate outputs ? If no, does it mean that the Helix can mix all the sources (guitar/bass/vocals) within the menus, and send the whole mix to a single output ? Thanks in advance, cheers !
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