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  1. For some reason when i press my B bottom row knob, it presses twice. It will activate and deactivate with each press. You have to fiddle with it so it does happen. Its random and you can hear the knob pressing and going a little further down for a second press. Its super annoying and it make this knob practically useless. My warranty ended on 3/17/2020, I’m screwed.
  2. thank you so much, that definitely worked.
  3. I installed the new update by following the instruction. it does say 2.50 on my helix, but non of the new features are there. Non of the presets they said was in 2.50 as well as the two new amps are showing up. I even reset the unit to all factory setting by holding button 9 and 10. I don't know what else to do at this point, so if any of you know what issue is please help me out. I have the LT btw.
  4. I just got the helix a few days ago and i love it but a few things is bothering me. If EXP1 is the expression on the board why doesn't it work? it only work as EXP1 when something is plunged in the second EXP. ill assign a Wah to EXP1 for the position movement and nothing will happen, so ill assign to EXP2 then i will get movement. when a cable is plugged in EXP2 the board expression pedal will work as EXP1. i hope I'm making sense cause I'm getting annoyed with the thing.
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