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  1. To be clear, you’re referencing amp models or cv amp channel switching in snapshots?
  2. I bought the rgm 25' SC2-MARK535 cable that I’m hoping solves the problem. The mark v 25 uses 1/4†inputs not the 5 pin like the 35. You would think it would be midi in 2017 right????
  3. I’ll check it out. Thanks. I use a mark v 35 as my main rig and I had to get a special cable that is 5 pin (looks like midi) to dual 1/4â€. I thought it used midi when I bought it but turns out not to be. Can I use two control outs (channel, eq,solo) with a snap shot or does it have to be midi?
  4. This is my first modeling rig and really, it’s not why I got it. However, from all the videos I’ve been watching, who knows. My pedal board is heavy and kinda a pain. I’m in 3 bands, 3 different genre, in 3 different practice spaces. I have a mark v 35, jcm 800 and hot rod. I think I may have solved all my problems with the helix.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I get my helix Tuesday and I’m pumped!
  6. Do you have to use a amp model when using snapshots? Can I use my amp and 4cm instead?
  7. When using snapshots do you have to use a amp model or can you use 4cm and use your own amp?
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