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  1. Tried updating with a different computer that had windows 10 .....worked the first time! The new firmware sounds so much better.
  2. still can't update my spider V 120 to the new 2.0 firmware . I have the latest 1.8 downloader but still shows only 1.05 firmware. when i try to download from other places it brings up some adobe program that says it dosen't recognize the file , or it is corrupt . have updated the remote and other updates but this one just sends me to the adobe thing. Not a real computer guy ,,, this stuff needs to be easier
  3. I can't seem to find the new FW2.0 download. I have windows 8 and the updater only shows 1.5 as the newest . Would really like to hear the new presets, because most of the old ones sound terrible.
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