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  1. Hi there, I want to ask for programming a bass amp model: Most bass players dont know, that some of the very best full valve amps have been made by TRACE ELLIOT ! Probably due to the fact, that there have not been made a lot, so there are not a lot around, and they are pretty expensive. The TRACE ELLIOT V6 full tube amp, 6x KT88 power stage, one of the most impressive sounds I have ever heard for Bass, especially with the corresponding 2x15" and 4x12" cabs ;) No other (tube) bass amp has a full and clean and FAT (!!!) sound, that on the other hand is so transparent and dynamic, with an incredible deep bass. It sounds completely different from the SVT's, and also from the Mesa 400 and the Fenders, a valve amp with a very own voice, that is not overly variable, but very very pleasing, and sought after by the ones who know it. So, would be great if that could be brought to the Line6 bass players ..... my suggestion ! Keep on groovin' Fran
  2. Hi there, my suggestion especially for bass players : the Sennheiser HD8-DJ !! Closed, very clear, solid construction, and has some BASS, if you want ;)
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