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    HX Stomp Tuner Access

    I agree, and I really don't get why the TAP functions seems so important. If only Line 6 could add this feature, i would dis my tuner/mute pedal. By the way; "that the way it has always been with Line 6" does not seem to me to be the best of reasons to keep it that way. I don't expect Line 6 to change the default - just give me the opportunity so that I can get rid of my last pedal. Shouldn't take many month to code.
  2. Raenil

    Instant tuning?

    Well - thanks for your reply. I'll just have to live with it as it is, then.
  3. Raenil

    Instant tuning?

    Hi, Bought the HX Stomp, and is generally happy with it. Last annoying thing a can't figure out: How to turn on the tuner/muting on FS3 instantly. There seems to be a delay before the tuner turns on. I don't know why, and I don't know how to change it. When i figure this out, I can finally ditch my polytune and only use the stomp.
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