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  1. Hi guys, Just to inform you. I swapped the high e saddle with the low E (just for testing) and still had the same problem. I swapped it back and decided to go test another JTV 89F at the store. This one didn't have the problem at all. So I exchanged the guitar and I'm very happy with it now. Sam.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. I did some tests today, including the one that ice9mike did (swapping the connectors between 5th and 6th string). This made the problem on the low E go away completely and to some extend it was audible on the A. This proves indeed that the problem is after the piezos. I also took the A string off and put a .042 in place and tuned it to E, so I had two the same E's as the 5th and 6th string. 6th obviously had the chirp/pling problem, 5th not. When I switched the connector on the controller board around, the problem stayed on the 6th, but much less. 5th had no real problem. This is contradictive because it does indicate a faulty piezo. Maybe it's a combination of things. In all cases the piezo on the 6th saddle gives less output than the others. I was physically going to swap saddles, but since I'm only owning the guitar for a day, I'm going to return it and test another one. The only thing I'm a bit afraid of is the setup of the guitar. I tested 3 JTV-89's on Saturday in the store. Only the one I eventually took had a really great action and overall feel. I hope I can get the same feel on the new one I might be getting. I will let you know what happens. Sam.
  3. Hi ice9mike, I bought a JTV-89 today, and I seem to have the exact same problem you describe with the low E piezo. It makes a horrible 'chirp' when palm muting, and the output is much lower than the other strings. Was it ever fixed? And do you know what the problem was in the end? Thanks! Sam.
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