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  1. Well, thanks to Line6 support for their quick and fast responce (sarcasm). I found more happy user of G30 and realised that my transmitter is the reason of dropouts, receiver is ok. Can anybody spare a repair manual of TBP06 with me please?
  2. Hi all I bought G30 on Ebay with tag "like new", well, it is true, it looks like unused, transmitter package was sealed and so on, but when I trying to play at home, signal completely fades away (from 3 green leds to 0) even if I cover transmitter with my hand! Plus if I hold transmitter in my hands and put it to my back, so I will be in between of transmitter and receiver (no front sight) and continue covering it with my hand, 3 green leds will turn to 3 red leds. I changed batteries, switched channels and modes (from RF1 to RF2 and back), moves receiver on a room, tested it on a little gig - absolutely the same, my G30 available to send signal for a three foots and only if there is a line of front sight. Even the piece of paper can ruin wireless channel. What can I do else?
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