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  1. Hey all, I am getting some conflicting info on which output to plug the matching Line6 4X12 8 ohm cab into the DT 50 head and I cant find any thing official in terms of a Line 6 Manual online to verify. Here is a link to the manual showing the back of the head and the possible output selections ( scroll to item #11): https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8eea507efb30bdbdd/application/pdf/DT50 Quick Start Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf I think its pretty straight forward but which output would YOU plug the 8 ohm cab into? Thanks,
  2. Thanks again. Do I have to wait to hear anything back from Line6 regarding my support ticket before I take it in to an authorized dealer or just go ahead and let them know I submitted one?
  3. I found the link to the recommended tubes: https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/236797-electro-harmonix-t-el34eh-matchpair-pair-of-matched-el34-preamp-vacuum-tubes Are these considered hard, medium or soft tubes?
  4. Ok, I will log a support ticket. I assumed because the music store themselves put the tubes in and considering I used it for 7 years without any problems any issues would have cropped up at the start. It sounded and worked great with zero issues for 7 years. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully its not pooched.
  5. Long time Line 6 user started with the POD bean and have owned multiple L6 amps and POD floor boards over many years. I use to frequent the early boards a lot but haven't been on them for over 15 years. Anyway, I purchased an L6 HX Effects unit last night and was having a great time with it for a bout five minutes when my amp quit. 7 years I've owned it and this is the first issue I've had. The power cord fuse blew (it was a 5A 250V) so I tried a 1A and 2A and they both blew as well. I was wondering, based on the serial number provided, should I file a support ticket to see if maybe there are other options for me rather than just take it into a tech and pay a few hundred dollars to get it working again? A bit of history: I traded for this amp slightly used from a dude that worked at a music store so he hadn't even registered it yet. He told me the amp came in with a smashed power tube and they didn't have a matching set of EH's so he put in and biased a matching set of Mesa Boogies they had in stock. I always found the amp sounded richer and warmer than my bandmates who's DT 50 head has stock tubes. I only put about 10-12 hours a YEAR on this amp so it has under a hundred hours on it and I use a DT50 4X12 and sometimes a DT25 1X12 I have. Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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