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  1. Thanks Steve, very kind of you but after many many trials I have definetively given up. I sold The Variax and I bought an SLG200S. It`s much more easy to manage, a ready to go guitar. Nothing against the Variax but it`s a guitar for nerds musicians, sound setup it`s difficult and takes too much time
  2. Tone, unwanted harmonics, sustain,... How you use it, please share your parametric EQ settings and eventual tricks I have a 5 ranges parametric EQ, any suggestion?
  3. I bought my Variax mainly for the acoustic models but after six months and a lot of trials (PA sytem, TC Helicon Play Acoustic, Positive Grid FX, Helix...) I'm going to give up. I am wondering if the Yamaha Silent SLG200S could provide a sound improovement, did somebody used both of them for some time. What do you think about this comparison.
  4. Yes I am sure, and anyhow reverb and EQ works only on MIC input on AG03. I tried with Studio One 3 and everything is working now, but I still have to much noise. I think that I just need to better understand how to setup volume levels on guitar, PC, USB interface and ampli...any suggestion? Another question, do I need to use Native in combination with any EQ inside the DAW?
  5. If I clear all blocks I stil have a huge amount of effects (delay, reverb, etc) and all presets sounds the same
  6. I wish to use it for live performance, installed ASIO Yamaha drivers and enabled in Reaper, I have created a track and armed it, enabled Helix VST, enabled monitor ON on track, levels are ok,...everything seem to work but I hear a lot of noise and distorted sounds.
  7. I am trying to use my mixer/interface Yamaha AG03 with Helix Native but without any success. Can you please help me in setting the AG03 and Reaper. Thanks
  8. I tried on a AER Compact 60 Ampli, known for being the Top for acoustic guitars. i didndn't expect the sound of a real acoustic guitar but I am a bit disapponted. Maybe the settings...?
  9. I use it with a Yamaha Keyboard PSR970 which has a guitar input plug. I am playing with Line 6 Workbench but none of my trials made be happy with the sound. Maybe someone else can share his settings...
  10. Is there a link for sharing guitar models? Something similar to Fender FUSE for ampli... I am interested in listening some good customized acoustic guitar models. feel free to share your settings here. Thanks
  11. What you wrote is correct and very well known but it doesn`t change the fact that Line 6 could give us some indications. They anyhow did it at least one time... Yamaha does it with their Pacifica guitars, take a look at page no. 8 of the manual https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/6/803126/EG%20Owner's%20manual_EN.pdf
  12. It woould be helpful to know the suggested amount of relief and how to measure it. Same for string action.
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