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  1. And yes, hopefully it will be fixed in new firmware that is coming very very soon. Right Line6? :)
  2. OK, thanks for the help. I appreciate that. I thought I was doing something wrong :)
  3. Thanks for the reply! Attached the preset. Template ComCen.hlx Helix 2.71 HX edit 2.60 in current state when I jump between the snapshots, all the notes are correct. As soon as I start turning them on and of and jump to another scene and make the change, then it changes the note to the C-1, which is the first note of my 4 buttons. It doesn't make sense, why it would change the note value on the remaining 3 foot switches to C-1, especially because it is not the default value? BTW my settings are 4 footswitches - values C-1, C#-1, D-1, D#-1
  4. Hey guys and especially Helix gurus! :) I have Helix LT and I am thinking about using it to control Ableton live for well, live playing :) the idea is to have couple scenes in Ableton representing different parts of the song and jumping between them using Helix. After messing around with couple approaches, it seems that for what I want to do something like this would work: 1. top four footswithes will be used to send notes to Ableton for Play, scene up, scene down, stop. 2. bottom four foot switches will be my basic stomps within a snapshot, so I can still turn stuff on and off - probably drive, delay, reverb and something. I was able to set it up, but my issue is with command center settings constantly switching the values of the notes to one value particularly, thus making it ineffective for changing the scenes in Ableton. It looks like it is caused by snapshots being in recall mode. In discard mode they stay set correctly, but that defeats the purpose of having stomp boxes in a snapshot, because in discard mode it always goes back to whatever it was saved with and that is not ideal for what I usually do. So I do not understand what I am doing wrong or why when in recall mode the command center settings constantly change when switching the snapshots. Can someone explain that to me? I am not very MIDI knowledgeable and I am also new to Ableton, but if I could make it work this way, it would be great :) thanks for help!
  5. Hey guys, I recently ran into this as well. I find it quite annoying, too. The regular jack actually sounds pleasing and easy to get inspiring sound with, lots of weirdness is gone. I bought helix only because I wanted to have the VDI link and the Helix Variax combo - tunings, models, seamless switching. I sold my AXE FX II because I could not justify the difference - at least for me. BUT the difference between jack and VDI in TONE and FEEL is HUGE. I can get good sounds with tweaking through VDI, but I am turning treble and presence way down pretty much on everything. But with jack, I just plug in an amp and it sounds very good from the get go. I am not shy of tweaking - but jack input sounds and FEELS so much better right away and THAT is what makes it annoying, especially because I like the convenience of VDI connectivity and control options it offers with Helix. even the magnetic pickups sound way better (through VDI I thought I am hearing piezo pickups, but I also got hum, which gave it away) So Line6 - I know that you think that variax is perfect the way it is - but if we could have that option, to change how VDI output behaves - that would be actually pretty wonderful from you. BTW, I have Variax Standard. Thanks guys!
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