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  1. Option 1: In global settings, set your volume know to control 1/4 out. This will enable you to change your monitor volume without affecting the XLR output volume. The XLR's are now fixed and volume must be controlled @ FOH (as long as you dont change the overall output level on the output block) Option 2: Different output levels can also be achieved by creating multiple output lines / parallel lines. 1 for 1/4 set the output block to whatever you like and 2nd output to XLR again the output block set to whatever volume you desire.
  2. Also maybe watch this video: It help me a lot. This guys is great source of info! BTW
  3. I use my LT into the effects return of my tube amp. Helix 1/4 out to Effects return of amp. Ensure that you set the correct levels in Global settings. Ensure that cab simulation are turned off in Helix. This for using your amp as a powered speaker if you will. The 4cm let you have a bunch of coll options. Watch this: Hope this helps ;)
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