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  1. Yes, I found that is correct. Apparently, the default cc #'s for the eurekaprom's Pod configuration are not correct for the Pod Hd Pro X. You do, in fact, HAVE to use the cc #'s listed in the Line 6 manual, meaning you have to use the programmable (PP) configuration on the eurekaprom 3. It's a bugger to program without an editor for the computer! I may still get the Uno eprom since it's cheap, easy to install and there is an editor available. Thanks so much for the help and the added info! :)
  2. Thanks for the reply, hurghanico. I I found that using the Pod Hd Pro X Edit program, you can assign a specific effect to a specific FS, as well as set the midi channel and cc # for each. I did this, changing the cc #'s for each FS to match the cc #'s listed in the documentation for the eurekaprom to no avail. Maybe on my next try I will set the FS cc #'s as listed in the advanced guide and program the footswitch to match those cc #'s. I bought the eurekaprom 3 to avoid having to do a lot of midi programming...maybe should have bought the Uno instead since there is software to make programming easier!
  3. Can you assign cc's to specific effects in the Pod HD Pro X? I'm trying to set up a Behringer FCB1010 with the eurekaprom 3 chip installed. No problems with changing patches, but I can't figure out how to toggle effects off and on in effects mode.
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