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  1. Thank you. It looks like I need to do some more adjustments. I was bit naive thinking that it comes with perfect sound right out of the box:/
  2. Thanx for your answer. Im using KRK Rokit4 through 1/4 out but i got the same sound on Sennheiser headphones too:(
  3. Hello everyone. I recently bought Variax Standard for recording purposes. Mainly acoustic models, and Im very disappointed. 12 string sounds like it has added some very artificial synthy high pitched tone. In fact none of the acoustic models sounds acceptable. Im not pro guitarist and not looking for perfect projection of a real thing, just fairly pleasant sound. But when I hear my 12strings I guess if I asked some kid what instument is that, they would have problem recognising a guitar in it. Previously I had Variax600 and it had the same issue but I just got over it thinking that its just not very good guitar. Listening some line6 sound presentation of Standard, impressed with its sound I decided to upgrade from 600, but what I got is the same horrible sound I had before. 12 string is the most drastic example of bad sound of my Variax but electric models are not much better. Theyre nowhere close to what I can hear on YT variax presentations. I play Variax via digital Line6 cable to Pod x3live to PC. (I know x3 is bit old:) I tried many setups including everything off, no amps no comps. Got all firmware updated to the latest versions. Also tried playing via 1/4 on battery, and again.. same result. In couple of weeks I was planning to upgrade fx to Helix floor but now I dont know is it all worth it:( Im adding mp3 with the sample of my 12 string. If some of you good people could take some of your precious time to listen that ridiculous sound I'll be grateful:) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccdy727c68x6xay/variax%20problem.mp3?dl=0 Anyone had the same problem? Any ideas how can I improve it? Do you think that Helix could solve it? Do you think Line6 uses different electronics than they sell just for presentation purposes? :)) just kidding;)
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