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  1. Benvigil - That solved the problem. Thank you. It was the session key. Glad to be able to test this thing out again.
  2. just tagging a +1 to this problem. I use Ableton and when I initially installed Helix Native Demo it worked just fine. The second time I went to load it I had the same event occur ... the beach ball of death. I also wrote to Line 6 and received the same email as 'Petes63strat'. Unfortunately for me it did not fix the problem. Still waiting to hear from Line 6 whether they have any additional steps that I could follow.
  3. I am having the same problem on the 75. I don't think it is a heat issue. I also am using stock factory tones, reboots every few minutes. completely unusable.
  4. It is not clear anywhere on the site whether I can use FBV control app to program the midi output of the FBV3 for control of other applications like a DAW. Has anyone done this?
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