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  1. The amp was never reliable enough to gig with or even practice with a band. It shut down (heat issues) after practicing at volume. Cost me a job. It finally began making screeching howling noises. It became fire wood and spare parts. I now use a real amp: EVH 5150III el34. It is comparatively expensive. I had to get an attenuator. I had to buy a box of pedals. But the amp never just quits in the middle practice or performing.
  2. It's doubly stupid when you read the disclaimer about using download patches and tone profiles causing your amp to lock-up or freeze. Why then would I ever need to login since, as a professional, I would never want to download anything. The funny part is that they are essentially blaming the internet for the freezing. As a software engineer and a TCP/IP stack programmer, I find it ridiculous. At the most basic level you can do a CRC check to see if the file has been corrupted.
  3. And . . . this is a deal killer. I mean, why bother having the cloud feature if it's going to break the amplifier. Screw that. Please be aware that downloaded tones, patches and presets that were created by other users have the potential to be corrupted and not work correctly on the target device. Firewall/Antivirus/Internet security applications, Internet/video accelerators and proxy servers, among other things, can be causes of trouble with downloaded files. If your device freezes, a rule of thumb is to back up your custom patches, reset the unit to its factory state, ensure the unit does not freeze while in this state, then load your patches one by one, testing after each load to determine which patch is faulty. Otherwise, please contact our Customer Support team at www.Line6.com/support/tickets. Please be prepared to supply your backup file so that we can investigate your case further.
  4. During an audition last night, the amp just rebooted after playing at volume for 8 songs. Then it just started rebooting every 3 minutes or so. Not acceptable. I bought a 150W model to have the extra headroom. I suspect this is a heat issue. Going back to tubes. Given the buggy unstable iOS/Android app and this issue, I'm trading this in on an EVH 5150.
  5. From: Customer Service <> Date: Fri, May 11, 2018 at 1:45 PM Subject: [L6TID: 322711] Line 6 Support Ticket Updated To: <d> ========= Message from Line 6 ========= Hello dlm8751. Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message: Hi David, We apologize for the frustration. The team is aware of the issue and are actively working to implant and update to remedy the bug. At this time there is not specified date for release of this update. We thank you for your patience while this is addressed. Kody Line 6 Support You can reply directly to this email and your response will be added to your ticket, as will an attachments you include. To view your ticket, click here: https://line6.com/account/tickets/edit/322711 If you do not reply to the ticket within 14 days, it will automatically be closed. If it closes, you can open the ticket again by replying to it within 90 days. - Line 6 Customer Service
  6. Less and less as the days go by. I get tired of having to start and restart bluetooth on my device then start and restart bluetooth discovery on the amp then start and restart the application just to get it to sync. I'm getting closer to going back to a traditional amp/pedal setup.
  7. Yep. It's doing it to me too. For me this is a deal killer. I cannot use this amp in this state while on the road.
  8. Just brought my 150 home last Saturday. iPad is on order, but I'm using my wife's in the interim. It is loud enough to hurt. I've had a couple of tube amps in the past, 100W JCM 800 with 4x12 cab, 50W JCM 900 2x12 combo, Egnater Rebel 20. I will say that the 150W of the Line 6 does not seem as loud as the JCM 800 through a 4x12. I sold the 800 way back in 1987 so my memory is taxed. So far, I like it. The database of settings is a little light, but that should improve over time. I like the fact that I can get rid of some pedals (reverb, stomp, and the tuner . . . keeping the POG2).
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