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  1. Hi. Nope I couldn’t figure it out. In the end I got a pair of studio monitors instead and they work nicely. Not much room on my desk anymore though :) It’s weird because the KEFs are great when streaming or connected to my mac via usb but the output is almost inaudible when connected to the helix. Maybe it’s a problem with the KEFs RCA inputs; I haven’t tried connecting anything else to them to check.
  2. Hmm… I tried this by using a standard guitar cable to connect the left (mono) 1/4 inch output of the helix to the guitar input of the THR10C set on ‘flat’ as the amp model. And now I get a nice and high level! I can set the helix to 12:00 and the signal gets as loud as I want on the Yamaha. any ideas why then the signal is so low when using both the L and R 1/4 outs to the RCA ins on the KEFs then? I’ve ordered a L/R Stereo to 3.5 mm cable to try to connect the helix to the thr in stereo, let’s see :) thanks for the tip MusicLaw
  3. thanks I'll give this a go. I have no idea what the RCA input levels of the speakers should be. They are just standard hifi amp inputs to connect an external source, so I guessed I should set the helix to Line.
  4. thanks yep it could be that my presets are set too low. Can that still be the case if it sounds loud through my headphones but almost inaudible via hifi? I have my 1/4" output set to line, I'll give the other options a go.
  5. thanks for your input :-) Yep the LS50 Wireless mark 1 speakers are a bit OTT for guitar monitoring only, but I do use them for other things as well... And thanks for the cable suggestions, these are pretty much the cables that I've tried already. You're right, I am afraid of frying kefs - I could buy some cheap monitors instead but I'll have a hard time convincing my other household members that I need yet another set of speaker shaped things cluttering up the house :-) I don't think I've tried connecting the Helix to the Mac by USB and then streaming from Mac to the Kefs, I guess I just assumed the latency would be too high. Or do you mean just as a test to see if the low level signal is something to do with the RCA in vs another input? That's a good idea, I'll give it a shot. thanks again!
  6. Hi all great forum everyone, I've learnt so much by lurking here :) and sorry if my post has been solved before; I've had a look around and haven't come across a solution yet... I'm a home-only guitarist and have had a lot of fun for a couple of years using my Helix LT with headphones and recording bits and pieces via usb to my Mac. However I've never had any success at all connecting my Helix to my active hifi speakers (Kef LS50 Wireless). I've tried to connect either with a stereo 1/4" from the Helix headphone out to the speakers' RCA inputs or with 2 mono 1/4"s from the Helix L&R outs to the RCAs. In both cases the level is very low: I have to crank the Helix up to max and then increase the volume of the speakers a lot to even hear anything at all. Is this to be expected? I normally use the speakers for streaming music direct from Spotify Connect or via the optical out from my TV. In both cases the level there is way way higher than the Helix. I also have a Yamaha THR10C practice amp and it's a similar story there as far as I can remember. Any ideas as to where I'm going wrong? I don't think it's a firmware issue because I've tried off and on over the past few years and the Helix has gone through several firmware versions and factory resets. Also I've tried a few different cables so I don't think that's the problem either. Thanks!!
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