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  1. well, finally my problem solved. just like what i thought, my old cable doesn't suits condenser mic. that's why nothing happens right after i plugged in my mic. thank you very much gentlemen.
  2. well, my best hope is, there's something wrong with my mic cable. im gonna try all of my mic from another devices tomorrow just to make sure. many thanks for your help.
  3. yes, my headphone & speakers connected directly to the UX2. is it possible if my mic cable isn't good, affecting my mic? sorry for my bad english
  4. yeah, i've been there too man. still not working. all setups is correct according all of the topics there. yes, i use Asio UX2, but still the same results. is there any possibilities there is something wrong with my mic cable?
  5. Yeah, Line 6 Monkey says that all of my drivers are good. I also already select mic from PF mixer (i did this too with my dynamic mic, but no luck). Line 6 control panel located in Windows control panel right? Im trying almost all the methods described before in here, but still no luck & im confuse whats wrong.
  6. phantom is already turned on. Gain knob all sets. also, mixer setups is correct according to few pictures shown here. and on Line6 Audio-MIDI Inputs & Recording sets to mic 1 (where i plugged in my mic, right? sorry, this is my first time working with Line 6 UX2). And as for Hardware Meter Show, which one that i should choose? Oh, and i receive error message from Windows (i use Windows XP) when im trying to check my mic on Sound and Audio Devices Properties that says something like this "There is a problem with your sound hardware. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware". But another failure after im doing exactly like suggested by the error message.
  7. Im having problems with my mic too. I use Behringer C-1, and i plugged in my mic into microphone inputs, but it's not working. Also, when i sets my Adobe Audition driver to Asio UX2, still not working. What should i do? Any suggestions? Thanks
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