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  1. Thank you for the reply. 1. I am new to the world of Helix, having just got the Helix LT yesterday. What is the easiest way to run a microphone into the Helix LT since it doesn't have the dedicated XLR mic input? 2, 3, and 4 are probably the additions I'd most like to see 5. You're absolutely right it's easy to use. I was referring to adding touch screen features. For example, making a brand new preset on a touchscreen with drag and drop would probably be a bit faster than the knob. I would still keep the knobs as backup though. 6. Certainly not a necessary upgrade but Garageband and Logic Pro X have it when you're connected via MIDI. I thought it might be a nice option to have. Maybe your band is improvising and your guitar player changed keys. The guitar player is standing 20 feet away (assuming he's using a wireless guitar connection) so the bass player just looks down at the Helix and sees "Oh he changed over to D major". Could be useful. 7. I mainly suggested that because I'm a drummer as well as a guitar player. I have a Roland TD11KV that I might throw into the Helix and see what comes out for recording purposes. The more I tinker with the Helix LT, the more I'm learning. Youtube and these forums provide a lot of great information! I do wish there was a forum thread and more YT videos devoted to just the Helix LT. Sometimes I'll be watching a video and they're using scribble strips or all 4 of their send/returns which you can't do on the LT.
  2. And HELLO to you too.....? Who pooped in your Cheerios? 1. Yes, a lot of people would like to have that. 80-90% of bands I see have more than just the lead singer singing. :) 2. Why would I want to spend another $1,000 + on top of the Helix cost? I have guitars, acoustic and electric plus the Drop pedal and a capo. 3. There are pedals out there that allow you to have sustain/harmonics, so why couldn't the Helix implement it? Not everyone owns a guitar with a built in sustainer so it would be a nice feature. 4. Once again, why I would I want to spend $1,000 for no reason when I already own acoustic guitars? 5. Touch screen with the ability to drag and drop everything into place would be a hell of a lot faster and easier guaranteed. I don't mind the knobs but touch screen would be faster for me. 6. As an OPTION yes. This thing is built for music. It should be able to read what's being input into it. The Helix knowing what key you're in could help with other effects, synths, backing tracks, etc. 7. It's supposed to be an all in one workstation. It would be a great incentive and selling point of the flagship Helix model. You could omit it from the LT or lower models. Not sure why you came off so dismissive. I was simply giving friendly suggestions. No harm no foul. Thanks for the reply. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  3. Some friendly suggestions I thought of adding to the Helix. Forgive me if I'm wrong and you can already do some of these things. If there's a way, I haven't discovered it yet. 1. I would like to see the flagship Helix get another mic input added. Then upgrade the LT to have just 1 direct mic input. 2. Specific drop down tune/capo up tune setting that does what the Digitech Drop or EHX Pitch Fork pedals can do. Basically allowing you to drop your guitar tuning down in half step increments or up (like a capo) in half step increments. It's great for people with FR guitars who can't stop mid set to re-tune for 1 or 2 songs. 3. A built in guitar sustainer effect would be nice with optional harmonic effects. 4. Acoustic guitar simulation. Using your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic guitar. 5. Easier to use interface. People love simplicity. The easier it is to understand the broader the appeal to a mass audience. 6. Perhaps an option where the digital display will show you exactly what notes you're playing, chords you're playing, or what key you're playing in. 7. Drum/beat and bass backing tracks that are easy to create and change.
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