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  1. Hey, thanks. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm talking specifically about the "3-Band Comp"effects model in the Helix.
  2. Hi - I've been researching multiband compressors and trying to understand the common settings. Each band has a "gain". Can anyone tell me if this is considered "make-up gain" (applied to the ouput signal after compression), or "input gain" (applied to the input signal)? Thanks.
  3. Awesome answer Kilhari. That makes a lot of sense.
  4. I’m confused by this. I understood that IRs are used to simulate speaker cabinets. However, I have a friend who recently got a Helix and seemed to download a full AC30 IR with amp, cabinet, mic, etc.. There are found on this page: http://grgr.de/IR/ We’ve tried them with a guitar into the helix and just had the IR loaded by itself. It sounded very similar to the live amp we had next to it. Any idea what these are?
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