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  1. I have to agree with you. To me the IRs sound incredible, as do the stock cabs. The flexibility of the stock cabs make it my go-to at this stage. You can't really make an IR on demand. That's said, the possibilities with IRs are close to endless. You can bake-in pretty much anything into an IR (mic, cab, eq, reverb). That's pretty cool, but rigid. In conclusion (my conclusion) both are 100% good sounding and usable. I just tend to prefer the stock cabs.
  2. Hi I am a newcomer to the Helix and community, but I heard and read about the Helix Challenge during the initial product launch. I can't seem to find the sound samples or challenge anymore. Does someone have these sound samples?
  3. Thanks for clarifying
  4. I've figured out the difference between panning left 100% and summing left+right. Panning something that is on the right channel 100% to the left effectively mutes it. I've tested with a dual delay, only the right one mixed in. Then added a pan 100% to the left. Nothing. That's why I didn't hear the artifacts when panning... Thanks for the tips on how to easily change to mono! I'll do the dual setlist thing for now.
  5. Still, it seems strange to me that the output's mixdown is different from panning to left. I get the volume drop, but how can the phases be different there than if I pan to left?
  6. Thanks I'll give it a shot!
  7. Is there a quick way to change from stereo to mono without losing the assigned controls and snapshot settings?
  8. Thanks, but what is a better way of collapsing to mono then? Thing is, I record with my sounds in stereo on USB, but when I play live I play mono.
  9. This doesn't seem to work 100% for me. If I plug in only the left cable in the 1/4" direct into the mixer, stereo delay effects seem strangely warped. When I set the panning to Left 100%, then volume drops to about half of the original, but the mixdown doesn't cause the warped delay. Note, I have the Helix Floor
  10. Not sure if you figured it out yet. Basically your target patches should have the same looper block (mono/stereo) in the same path and both assigned to a footswitch in each patch. Got it from Line 6 Knowledge base about the looper.
  11. Thanks. My Helix arrives on Tuesday so I'm very excited about joining this community. Why aren't there more? Is IR not a good technology for amp modelling?
  12. I think what I'm asking is is of an amp can be modelled with an impulse response
  13. Hi I'm loving the impulse response technology. I'm curious though, can a full amp + cab + mic impulse response be made? Are there such IRs available?
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