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  1. Thanks everyone. Very useful. I have ordered a pair of HS5s.
  2. Thanks codamedia. So I went for a couple of HS5 studio monitors in the end. If I do need to play with others I still have my amp for now. But maybe I will end up getting a headrush in the end. But for now, I think it will just be home use. Just out of curiosity though, why wouldn't the headrush be good for listening to music. I guess my (naive) view was that both the studio monitors and the headrush essentially aim to be neutral (FRFR or whatever), so they don't colour the sound, so you just get the sounds of the modelling etc. So it seems odd that there should be much difference. As I say, I've bought the studio monitors now - but just curious. Thanks
  3. I think I over complicated things in my previous question. More simply: What are the pros and cons of (for home use): 1) a surround sound home stereo (which I already own) 2) Studio monitors (e.g. Yamaha HS5) (just one or a pair) 3) wedge type monitor (e.g. headrush 108)
  4. A couple of related questions... I originally got the Stomp thinking I'd mainly use it for the pedals, into an amp - but have been experimenting with the amp models, and thinking of using the amp models much more instead of playing into an amp. Not having the appropriate PA type speakers I have been experimenting with 1) plugging into the aux input of my amp and 2) plugging into my surround sound system. Both sound okay, but I am not really sure how they'd compare to a more appropriate set up. If I recorded a guitar part, through the Stomp, directly into a computer, someone would then listen to that on a stereo. So it seems a stereo should be a good option. But I suspect my logic here is flawed. Am I missing something. Would a proper speaker system (whatever that would be) be a significant improvement? Alternatively, if a proper speaker system would be better, I'd appreciate recommendations. Primarily (perhaps entirely) for home use Preferably not too big. Preferably not too expensive. (Maybe around £200, if that is possible - UK pounds.) I want something that will sound decent at lower volumes I'd like them to also double as speakers for listening to music (unless there is a reason that would be a bad idea) I also have a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, so speakers that would also be good for home studio recording would also be a bonus. These look like an option - https://www.andertons.co.uk/yamaha-hs5-powered-monitor-bundle-w-smos10set-speaker-stands - but would be interested in other options (especially if there are any cheaper options that would be decent). Oh, and I found this video - https://youtu.be/PGXSqEi6mTk - interesting that they seem to be talking about a single speaker, rather than a pair. I don't really use the stereo features of the Stomp, so should I just be looking to get a single speaker. (Though I guess that would be less good for listening to music.) I also found this - https://www.andertons.co.uk/headrush-frfr-108-full-range-flat-response-2000w-1x8-powered-cab#tab4 - which looks simpler, and more obviously geared towards the Stomp. Would that be better? Any thoughts on which would be better, of the two speakers above, or any other alternatives. And what is the main difference between the speaker style and monitor style set ups? (If that makes sense.) Thanks (Note: I know virtually nothing about this sort of speaker/monitor.) (Oh, and a tangential question. I understand that the Stomp can also be used as an audio interface. Does that mean my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface is essentially redundant (in which case I could sell it), or will it still be better for recording than the Stomp? Note, I bought the Scarlett a while ago, but haven't really got into recording much (yet).)
  5. I'm far from an expert on this, but from your description I think I would also suggest the Boss Katana, and save a bit of money which you can then put towards the guitar you are saving for.
  6. Problem fixed! I still don't know what caused the problem - but fixed it the only way I could think of, with a factory reset.
  7. Reading these posts I suddenly thought, "Oh no, have I just misread it. This is going to be embarrassing!" But I have just checked and I do indeed have "snpshot" up and down where you both have preset. So, yes, weird. I'll have to play around with it. I do indeed have an external footswitch set to switch through those modes. But not sure if that would make a difference. Guess I'll have to search through the global settings again.
  8. I also have v.2.82. And I'm sure I did have up and down before. Mine goes: 1 - footswitches (for individual pedals etc) 2 - snapshot up and down 3 - 1A, 1B, 1C etc 4 - snapshots 1, 2, 3 And then back to 1. I'm guessing I changed something in global settings, but I can't work out what. Can you confirm that you have five options - not just the 4 noted above. Thanks
  9. This is helpful - and could be a work around. Though I would like to have the simple up and down option.
  10. Yes, that is what I thought. But this mode seems to have disappeared!
  11. So, with the Stomp, if you press the page button you can scroll through different options for what the footswitches do. e.g. individual effects, snapshot up and down, snapshots 1, 2 or 3, or individual presets: 1A, 1B, 1C etc I haven't had the Stomp long, and I may be mis-remembering, but I am sure that there was an option for preset up and preset down. Have I imagined this? I am not sure what I have changed, but this option is not longer coming up when I scroll through. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. I suspect this is probably right. The computer I was using is a desktop, rather than a laptop - so can't run it off the battery, However, I have just tried the Stomp with my lap top - and in a different room - and I don't have the noise issue (and the laptop is actually plugged in too). If the solution is super simple, it would be good to know. Otherwise, I confess I probably wouldn't get round to solving it. I guess my priority was to check I didn't have a faulty Stomp. And if I do want to have the Stomp connected to the computer, while playing, I guess I can now use the laptop. Thanks Rob
  13. Actually, I don't think the reset had anything to do with it. The problem (which came back) is that the Stomp seems to get noisy when I plug it into the computer, via the USB. I guess it isn't the end of the world - as I can always disconnect it before playing - but a bit of an inconvenience. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal, or an indication that something is wrong? Thanks
  14. Hmm, I think I may have solved the problem. I am not sure what the problem was, but I did a reset - holding all three switches down while turning it on - and I think that seems to have made it better. I think I might need to play with it a bit more to check, but I think its good now - certainly better. No idea what I had done wrong before though.
  15. Hi, I just received my HX stomp yesterday, and have been messing about with it, trying to work out what it can do. But I seem to have a problem. I have similar problems in other settings, but for simplicity I will focus on the following situation. In global settings output level is set to instruments. My guitar is plugged into input L/mono The stomp is plugged into my amp (output from the Stomp: L/mono) I am using an FX preset (so effects pedals only) I have switched all the effects off - so I should just be getting the sound of the amp I have also set footswitch 3 so that, when clicked, it by-passes the Stomp completely (comes up with the message: Analog bypass) So then I tried the following three things: 1) unplugged the HX stomp and just plugged the guitar straight into my amp 2) going through the HX stomp, in an FX preset, but with all pedals off 3) click footswitch 3 to get "analog bypass" I would expect all three of these to essentially sound the same. However they don't. 1) sounds good - as I'd expect it to. 2) sounds bad. It introduces background noise, and the volume decreases significantly, and all the good tone is basically lost 3) brings back the volume and good tone, but still has the background noise. Is this normal? Have I done something wrong. Do I need to change some settings? Or does it seem that I have a faulty one? Any help appreciated. Thanks Rob
  16. So, I've just ordered a HX Stomp. I can definitely see why someone might prefer the Effects, but I think the Stomp will be ideal for me. Thanks.
  17. Thanks jnnh73 - that was useful for me too. In case you haven't already seen it, you may also be interested in this thread - particularly the comments from codamedia and JimGordon:
  18. Thanks a lot, codamedia. This is perfect - and exactly what I was after. And, as I suspected, it does look like there are some benefits of the HX Effects I hadn't really considered, or fully appreciated. Thanks
  19. Thanks. That sounds promising. I have a Vox AV30 - which, if you don't know it, is a kind of hybrid tube amp (https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/vox-av30). And the first of its two clean channels is a fairly "bland" (not necessarily in a bad way) Fender-style amp, so that would be the channel I'd use. So this sounds promising.
  20. I am currently trying to choose between the HX Stomp and the HX effects. I have done a reasonable amount of research (though more on the Stomp than the Effects) and understand the basic difference between them. However, I do have a suspicion that I might be missing something about what would make the Effects the more appealing. Obviously I appreciate the obvious point that ultimately I will need to weigh up what features I value most. So I am not expecting people to tell me which to get. However, I am hoping that people might be able to point out anything I have misunderstood, or point out some advantages of the Effects that I may have missed. So basically, I think I would plan to play through my amp most the time, which is why the Effects is an option. However, I have been leaning towards the Stomp because I like the option of having the amp models etc so I can go direct into a PA. I don't expect to do this option, but good to have the option. (Similarly, I think it could be useful, sometimes, to play with just guitar into Stomp into headphones). I also like the smaller size of the Stomp. Having said that, I expect I would mostly be using my amp, and it seems there is fairly clear that the consensus Effects is the better option if you are plugging into an amp. So this is my understanding of the benefits of the Effects (and my thoughts on their significance). More switches: Certainly a benefit. However, I'd be happy to buy an additional footswitch with two switches. Also, I don't tend to use many different effects. Rather, I'd expect to have different presets for different sounds, and then for each would only expect to need a footswitch for 1, 2 or 3 pedals/snapshots. 9 blocks rather than 6 If I am not using any blocks for amps or cabs, I think 6 blocks will be plenty for me. (And if using blocks for amps or cabs, then obviously the Effects can't compete.) Displays for each switch: This probably looks like the biggest benefit to me - at least in stompbox mode. But I am not sure which display would be best for pre-sets and snapshot modes. (Also, I expect to use HX edit a lot, so not sure how important the displays actually are. Though I guess it is good to have each of the footswitches clearly labelled.) Anything I have got wrong? Anything I have missed? Thanks Rob
  21. Thanks codamedia. That is really helpful. Guess I should watch that video again. Thanks.
  22. Thanks - that's useful. Hadn't really thought about the pre-amps. I assume the pre-amps are also not included in the HX Effects. Is that right. Thanks.
  23. Thanks for the replies. However, I think some of you have over-estimated my scepticism, or the extent to which I have already made up my mind. For example, Silverhead suggested "From what you've said you're going to disagree with the former and agree with the latter". But I don't think this is right. I will disagree with - or dismiss - anyone who simply tells me that the amp models will sound bad going into an amp purely on the basis of the fact that they are designed to go direct into a PA. However, if someone came on and said, "I wanted to plexi amp in a box, so I tried a plexi amp model into my Fender amp - but it didn't sound like a plexi, it sounded weird", I would not disagree with that. Indeed, I would give such a comment considerable weight. Indeed, if a number of people came along and said similar things, I would start to think, okay maybe my idea isn't going to work, and I may consider whether the HX Effects might be a better choice. As such, I would emphasise that I am indeed keen to hear people's views, based on their experience, if anyone has tried similar things. (Similarly, if someone with technical knowledge came along and explained why the amp models in the Stomp would be very different from an amp in the box pedal, then I would also give that considerable weight, and take those comments seriously.) For those who suggested I buy it, and experiment, and make up my own mind, I am happy to experiment, and would ultimately make up my own mind. However, if I have good reason to suspect it may not work, then I'd seriously consider the HX Effects instead. I appreciate that I should be able to return the item if it isn't what I am after, but I would like to avoid that. To some extent it is an inconvenience, and given that I will be opening the product, and using it, I would essentially be returning the item used. Even if the shop is willing to offer returns in such circumstances, I don't really want to buy it unless I am reasonably confident that I will want to keep it. Anyway, any comments based on experience would be appreciated - even if not supporting the answer I would like.
  24. Hi. I am thinking of buying a HX Stomp. I understand that it includes amp models, and therefore should be plugged into a PA and NOT a guitar amp (unless using the effects pedals only). However, until I hear it, and hear it sound bad, I am not convinced by this. First, in this video, Tim Pierce plays his Stomp (with amp models) into his amp. (see 1 minute in - Second, many pedal makers create "amps in a box" type pedals, to try to sound like a Plexi (or whatever). And these are all played into standard guitar amps. Of course, the amp you play it into will colour the tone somewhat, and the pedal will sound a bit different with different amps. Nevertheless, if you play a plexi-style pedal into a clean (and relatively neutral sounding amp) you would expect to get a plexi sound (more or less). So, among other things, I like the idea of using the HX stomp into an amp, and using the amp models to get a kind of "amp in a pedal" kind of effect. Has anyone tried this? Am I missing anything? (Background: yes, I am aware of the HX effects, and aware that most people would say that, if you want to play into an amp you want the HX effects, not the HX stomp. However, I am leaning towards the HX stomp for a couple of reasons: 1) I think I would plug directly into a PA occasionally, so would like that option. 2) As noted above, I like the idea of trying the amp models even if playing into an amp. 3) I like the smaller size.)
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