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  1. +1 for the Yamaha Bluetooth. I use an iPad with Onsong to go through my songs, which change the presets for me as well once I select the song. Can do setlists and synchronize with many other midi devices. Well worth it
  2. I did exactly this. Only issue is that it randomly freezes once every...idk 100 hours of use (Literally). I think that's an issue overall, not with my unit. And that's only when I have HX Edit open. I would trust it.
  3. Thanks! I found a video on youtube of someone using that exactly. Also, after some research I believe I'll be using the Yamaha MD-BT01. It's bluetooth wireless midi with upgrade able firmware. And I can send the CC/PC Midi messages from either app (setlist or onsong) to the helix. Pretty excited. Can post results if anyone's interested when I do this.
  4. Following this thread... How does the iPad send Midi signals? Is there a midi cable hooked up to the iPad? Wireless? What solutions are you running. This seems super interesting to me as I'm in a similar situation (not mistepping , but rather would love to control presets with my song lyrics)
  5. Piggy backing on this thread as well. Let me know if this isn't allowed. I'm also torn. I've looked through literally every thread on this forum and others regarding in the direction I want to do when it comes to speakers. FRFR vs a Cab. Now that the Powercab is out I'm even more torn. I play in a band with just me on guitar and a keyboard player. It seems that him and I are fighting for frequencies in the PA speakers at times. Obviously this is an EQ thing we have to figure out. That being said, it's still hard to hear myself and we're not at a point of using IEMs yet. I've narrowed it down to either 2 1x12s (I already have one) and a poweramp (I've seen Rockton and ART mentioned most), or either a L2m, DRX10, Alto TX212. I do like the idea of stereo(2 1x12s) since that's how I go straight to FoH as it is. I'm leaning on the L2M the most with the wheel carry bag. I need it to be portable and light weight as I've been lugging around heavy gear for about 10 years now. The Helix into FoH is best but I think the band wants to hear me from a separate source as well. Any one in a similar situation?
  6. Do you have a dry signal going out? Or is it serial from 1B to 2A.
  7. Wow thank you. That detailed it out. I didn't know that the FX loops could be configured to outputs, that's amazing. I think I'll do by dry signals through XLRs and have the stereos going through 1/4. I assume all outputs are configurable in the global settings. Thank you that laid it out. I'll hopefully post results in case anyone else is trying this method. In theory you can run TWO guitars each with a WDW setup through helix...that's pretty awesome.
  8. Yeah exactly, now the thing is the guitar output would be a TRS cable ( that's how it's designed). So the guitar outputs two signals, I'd need a splitter y cable to separate the peizo and mags as you mentioned, It's once both signals are at the actual Helix itself is where I am unsure. . I don't know how to configure the outputs so that the guitar IN outputs the WDW and the Aux in outputs either mono or L/R (...and if this is even possible). I guess it would become a 2 input, 6 output scenario (WDW x2) or a 2 input 4 output scenario (WDW + MONO). I'd prefer the former if possible. Does that make sense?
  9. Hi there, I bought a Helix about 10 months ago but never got around to using it. My normal gigging and studio rig was/is Mesa Boogie JP2C with a 1x12 Mesa Cab and my pedal board. Nothing crazy. I usually just mic that up and it's done the job perfectly. Guitar is an Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty. The three channels in the JP2C was/is more than enough for me. I've however decided that I wanted to actually make use of my Helix for three reasons. 1) Portability 2) more advance routing without spending more money 3) Modelling has become so good. So, here is my question. I believe the answer is yes, but I am so new to this thing that I might be missing something. What I want to do is have the following Majesty Stereo output with Piezo and Mag through a TRS cable Peizo > Helix Aux In> Whatever cab, effects I want to run> Out to FOH ( MONO or Stereo or WDW..whatever is possible) Mag > Helix Guitar In > into a W D W signal path separate from Peizo > 3 outs to FOH ( Mono for Dry, L/R for wet) Is this possible to within the Helix internally? I've googled and searched to forums but anything I've seen is either 2+ years old, or simply hasn't received any concrete answers. I don't want to leave both the Peizo and Mag on at all times on the guitar, but switch between the two ( this was something someone else was doing from what I read). If it is possible, How do I go about this? Any videos? I've seen the Richie Castenallo vids and many others on YouTube but I don't think I've come across anything this specific. I want to set this up for purely FOH purposes. Sorry for wall of text and please delete if this is in the wrong place or off topic. Thanks!
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