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  1. Hi, I know that I am late to this discussion, but I am hoping I can get some help from folks that were on this thread. I just got a Helix and I am running two Hughes and Kettner Grandmeisters. One is a Grandmeister 36 and the other is a Grandmeister 40. Each of these amps go in to their own 2x12 H&K cabinet. What I want to do is run the Helix in 7 Cable method so that I can get use of the stereo effects. I know there is a template for the 7CM in the Helix which is where I will start. But, I am hoping I can use the 7CM to be mostly used for effects and the MIDI commands will control the two Grandmeisters. But, I also want to be able from time to time bring up a patch that bypasses the H&K preamps and uses the amp models on the Helix. I also want to use the Helix for my Lifeson Les Paul which has two outputs, one for HB and the other for Piezo and have the PIezo cable go into the Aux in on the Helix and have the effects loop go out to my Fishman acoustic amp or out to the house. I know I am asking alot, but this is my dream rig here. I can have all the versatility in both Grandmeisters along with the Helix. I am just not sure if the 7CM will do all of this for me and then I got to figure out how to configure all of the patches to do this..... Thanks
  2. I am going to use the Helix with two amps in stereo. H&K Grandmeister 36 and a H&K Blackspirit. I plan to use the 7 cable method. A question is if I use 7 cable method, can I choose to have certain patches where I have the Helix amp models working and run it through just the power sections of my amps and then at other times use the preamp of those amps? Also, I have a Lifeson Les Paul with the two output jacks, one for Buckers and the other for Piezo. I would like to run the Piezo in the Aux input and then use one of the free loops to send to a Fishman acoustic amp. Not sure how to hook that up. Thanks
  3. Just an update. I sent back the faulty unit and received my new one. Works great. I am just very surprised that a brand new Helix arrived and was shutting down all over the place. Very disappointed and still a little scared as to just how solid this unit will be.
  4. Thank you. I installed HX Edit last night and I also installed the updater, but you are saying that HX Edit has the upadater in it already? I did not do the firmware upadate because I was unsure if I were keeping the unit or not. I would think that right out of the box, plug and play without hooking it to my computer yet, that it would work, but it kept shutting down on me. Kind of scarey that this would be how it is right out of the box. I would like to keep the Helix, it looks very promising with lots of fun and creative things to do with it. But, hard crashes right out of the box is not a good way to start a relationship.
  5. Brand new Helix. Arrived yesterday. Keeps shutting down on me. I have the guitar plugged in to the guitar input. I have two lines going out with 1/4 adaptors to rca cables going into a stereo amp with rca inputs and this amp drives two Behringer Truth Passive monitors. Brand new and crashing like this multiple times.
  6. Wondo

    Helix Rig Questions

    Well, this might be an easy decision. Helix arrived yesterday. Today spending some time with it and it keeps shutting down on me when I am in editing. Simple hook up too. Just guitar in and two line outs going in to my stereo amp into studio passive monitors. It has shut down on me probably like 8-9 times already. Happens when I am using the joystick. But, now is happening randomly while in the middle of playing. I hooked up to my computer via usb to try the editor and as soon as I clicked on the amp setting, it shut down on me again. Not off to a good start and not easy to gain faith in something that so far is rather a P.O.S.
  7. Wondo

    Helix Rig Questions

    Thank you for the replies so far. I know the decision is difficult. I am still torn if I would want to return the Helix and get an HX Effects and then get another Grandmeister with a 2x12 cabinet so that I can run stereo. However, I know if I play live, that stereo will not matter since it will not be like this with FOH. So, I guess what I am looking for is a good studio/practice arrangement where I can run stereo. I have a very flat response amp for my computer audio. It is an old NAD and I run Berhinger Truth passive speakers with it. I was thinking maybe just get some powered studio monitors or maybe get some Alto 12 inch. But, the power cabs look really cool too. Just not sure what will do it. The Line 6 monitors are expensive, but so are the cabs.
  8. Wondo

    Helix Rig Questions

    Hello. I have not been on this forum for many years. I used to own a POD, then the XT Live, then a Vetta. Then, I got tired of the modeling thing and went with back to tube amps. I ended up with a Hughes & Kettner Triamp and then added a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36. I use a TC Electronics G-Major as my effects processor on the Triamp and the onboard effects on the Grandmeister. I just received a Helix yesterday and spent some time with it. I got it because I would like to get rid of my large Triamp Rig as I am not playing out that much any more and when I do, I use the little Grandmeister. I was looking to use the Helix for in home rehearsing and recording but would also like to use it playing out when the occassion presents itself. I really miss running stereo effects through two cabinets and so I am looking at my best options. I thought that I would either get the Line 6 Powercabs or maybe the L2M or maybe some Alto TS312's. Or maybe just some simple studio monitors. The problem with studio monitors is that they sound good for recording and mixing, but I find that I am not getting the same kind of interaction that I would with some FRFR monitors with more power. I know there have been some threads on this, but they were inconclusive for me. I hesitated going down the rabbit hole of programming and editing patches like I did with the earlier LIne 6 stuff, but find the Helix to be very promising. Any ideas of the kind of rig I could put together with this? I would still like to bring the Grandmiester in to the mix with the Helix controlling patch changes, etc. but would like the Helix to be the main part of the rig. Thanks
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