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  1. Hey, all! I got my HX Stomp and PC+ 212 in recently. I'm curious, why do the built in speaker models sound so freaking good? What sets them apart from the Stomp speakers or IRs? It just sounds WAY more amp like to my ears. I find myself just building all my presets around the PC+ models. :) Bonus pic of my new setup!
  2. Correction - decided to go with the Tech 21 Deuce Deluxe, instead. A big part of that was simply my loyalty to Sweetwater. That, and I just overall prefer Tech 21 as a company. Will post my thoughts early next week when it arrives. :)
  3. I'm going to hold onto it a bit longer, for sure. I actually have been holding off on the FRFR because I wanted the little Laney LFR-112 but it wasn't in stock anywhere... until this morning! Checked Zzounds and they had 2. I went ahead and ordered it and it should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to doing some back and forth with the two. :)
  4. Oh man, I DEFINITELY prefer FRFR after messing with it today. I think I just absolutely love getting new IR's and trying them out. Things felt so limited with the Power Amp -> Cab setup. Officially selling my Power Stage 170 to fund some stereo FRFR goodness.
  5. *squints There is... wisdom in this man's eyes.
  6. Right on, man! I messed around a bit more last night, and I think maybe my ears were just adjusting to the Stomp, because after a while, I found myself much preferring the cab sims off. That said, I haven't messed with the pre-amps yet. I'll give that a go today! I'm tempted to grab a Powercab Plus just to see how it compares to the power amp + cab method. Something tells me this is going to very quickly lead to me getting a Helix Floor. :|
  7. For sure. I was just curious as to why that may be. That said, I am off to create presets officially now. :)
  8. Greetings! So, I decided to dabble in the digital world a touch. I went ahead and avoided FRFR for now, since I already have a 2x12 Lonestar cab with C90s in it. I followed Line 6's video for going to Power amp and then Cab. Basically, hooked it up and changed the output to line level. I decided just to go through some of the presets (the DIR ones) like the Litigator, Archetype, etc... One thing I've read is that you should either disable the cab block or change from A+C to just amp. I've noticed that, at least for the presets, getting rid of the cab block simply makes it sound like a can of bees. It actually sounds BETTER in every single preset with the cab enabled. I'm sure there are 1000 factors here, but this just seems odd since I figured it would be the opposite. I still have hours and hours of playing with this thing to do, so no biggie, but I figured it was worth at least bringing up. Time to build some presets from scratch, methinks. :)
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