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  1. Hi I have followed the steps from your post and all was well when using my FH 4cm with my old amp (Laney GH100L) now I am trying to make it work with my new amp (Jet city 100HDM) this amp has a Line level loop and apparently this is the problem, as the Send-Return Line/stomp on the FH affects both send and return if I run the cable from the Send (in stomp mode) to the input of the amp I have a really dull sound almost not audible, if I switch to Line there is no sound whatsoever, what could I do to make it work? Would turning down the send level from the app (while in Line mode) make any difference? I can't test now as I have my amp in the practice studio, or maybe an attenuator between the send and amp input to lower down from Line level to instrument but leaving the Return set as Line might make a difference?
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