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  1. I actually got an expression pedal to use for wah wah sound from the XTlive, now the problem is that ones you tricker the wah wah sound, sounds different (as it should). But my problem is that I don't want to have a different bank on the pedalboard for a wah wah sound, I need to use a wah wah sound on whatever sound (bank) I need to. Also, there's no control from the pedal to actually engage on & off the wah wah sound. Ones you turn it on, to use it on a sound (bank) its just on. Thus, I am trying to contact a company called Mission Engineering that they make this product Helix Rack Expression Pedal w/Toe Switch hopefully it works for the PODXTLIVE so I can have the switch on/off and do the job. I'll write back when I figure this out. Hopefully, this thread helps someone too.
  2. yes you are right cruisinon on the signal flow. Unfortunately there is not an FX Loop on the XT live, It has input for "pedal 2" but I imagine that is for en expression pedal or something. Thank you for replying.
  3. When I got my Variax Shuriken guitar, I had to arrange the external wah-wah pedal with my PODXTLIVE. By doing that, the sound coming out when using the wah-wah pedal is completely different. Originally the connection was Guitar "in" to wah-wah pedal "out" from wah-wah to "input" POD pedal and "output" to the Amp. Now with the Shurikan-Variax connected (network cable) to the POD pedal I have to use "output" from the POD "in" to wah-wah pedal "out" from wah-wah to the Amp. That make's differents in loudness (is louder), and the movement of the foot (up & down) has to be minimal, otherwise, notes are almost muted. Is there any way to somehow make this signal flow better; or do I have to get used to it that way?
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