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  1. As a person that worked with some JSON (this hack does not require changing anything permanent, nor does it require a knowledge of programming) I can say that this works with some caveats: 1. Save a copy of the original patch 2. Like sebabetto said- this is a 'per patch' change- you are modifying how the Pod GO sees the individual preset, not anyting global 3. In order to change things back you need to have a copy of the original patch, or, 'a' original patch, or remember how to write JSON to add back what you deleted. Pod Go patches keep their individual setting saved in a .txt file written in JSON. Basically, if you delete the text in the file for block 0, 1, or 4 (wah, volume, and one other one) you change that 'block' to being multi-selectable. To change it back you just drop a regular patch (or the original patch) back into the same spot. Thats all there is to it. It's actually pretty cool, it just sucks that there isn't a more transparent way to do it.
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