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  1. another info regarding my problem is that, whenever i reinstall flash memory using line 6 monkey, then use my POD for some time, then i plug off my POD, the problem will be repeated after i let it off about 1 hour. but, if let say i reinstall flash memory, then turn my POD off, then replug in back within 5 min, there will be no problem.
  2. hello, i need help regarding my pod HD300. Ok, whenever i start to plug in my POD HD300, there's no sound can be hear. everything's gonna be ok after I Reinstall Flash Memory. Ok the thing is, every time i want to use my POD HD300, i have to Reinstall Flash Memory using Line 6 Monkey. is there anything i can do so that i dont have to reinstall flash memory every time? i already checked component inside, seems like all the capacitor still ok.
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