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  1. Hey there. Sorry I didn't see that you responded to my post. I don't check these forums that much aha. I still haven't solved the problem, i've just moved back to 2.71 and ignored it. If you're still interested in having a look at the patch, i've attached it here. Thanks! IAGO corrupted?.hlx
  2. I'm getting a similar issue with my helix lt. It only happens in one patch and in the duplicate of that one patch. Everything operates just fine untill I try to change Snapshots. Then everything freezes. I don't get a black screen, but I am unable to do anything else. This happed three days after updating to 2.8.1. I restored a backup of my patches from before the update but still having the same issue. Going to try going back to 2.7 and see if that's makes any difference
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