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  1. welsh7

    Helix 2.9

    Any chance of clarification about the Split Dynamics please?
  2. Hello everyone. Ive ran into a rather concerning issue post update to 2.8. Cause the command center is now no longer shared between the snapshots and has to be made per snapshot. Ive tried the 'copy all command' button to make the job alot easier and quicker. but once i selected 'paste all commands' as soon as i change preset or snapshot it crashes and go straight to a black screen with no sound and no interaction with HX edit or Helix controller. Anyone else ran into this issue aswell?
  3. If the control switcher functions in anyway like the GCX then it should be fine aslong as the LT can send out CC commands.
  4. Its going from my rhythm sound to lead sound and the snapshot CC Is telling to go to snapshot with a specific harmonizer switched on instead of going just to my normal lead setting. Thats the thing though. all the other instances are at set to go at same time with the PC change. and they're all fine. I guess for now as a work around just have to delay this one by couple samples. :/
  5. I changed the value being sent along CC 69. still no change when it goes along as its programmed. but i found that if i change the preset via the helix control before it reaches the troublesome midi command. It works perfectly. But if i do not change it manually before that point, it goes to correct Preset but to snapshot 1 instead of the one i tell it to go to.
  6. Ok, thats what ive been editing it in already (didnt know actual name of the window). Playing it back its not indicating any difference between the 2 instances.
  7. what you mean by 'built in midi editor'? The midi info being sent to the helix is exactly the same in all instances of this combination of PC, CC and Value to CC. So far this one instances is only one that does not work right. every other instance of this combination works fine.
  8. Hi all, Recently got a Helix Rack and controller. Live Im going to be using my computer, running a reaper project, to switch my presets/snapshots for me. But i have come across a problem. For some reason, some instances of a certain snapshot command does not work correctly. Im sending to the helix to go to preset 3 snapshot 2 (PC 2, CC69:Value1). It will go to the correct preset but it goes to Snapshot 1 instead of 2. But in the same project on the same track in the same midi region it functions normally and goes to Preset 3 snapshot 2. Any help as to what be causing this?
  9. welsh7

    What's next?

    For me its simply - More lighting bolt instances (only 2 more for me personally), a bility to run multiple parallels on same path just more selection of compressors -cough-ego comp emulation-cough-
  10. Thanks to you im able get native to function. Had switch wifi off, load plug in. once loaded and not crashed switch internet back on. thanks
  11. Having same problem here. It's also happening in Reaper. last week they were both fine running it :/
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