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  1. hi thanks for the reply. I use the chipset 1. I also have the 2.5 chipset, but I've never used it. I use the chipset 1 for the possibility of using both preset and stompbox. The editor is the HX EDIT, but I did all the tests from the pedal board. I don't have a sysex table, I don't know how to do it.
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    Hello. I would like to know how to control the looper of the helix rack with fcb1010. I state, I use the FCB1010 as a preset and stomp box recall. the problem is that, if I set the pedals to use the looper, set by helix between the cc60 and cc67, I can no longer use the pedals for the stompboxes, because they have other dedicated mids. how can I exclude everything (preset and stomp) of the helix when I use the looper, and get everything back (preset and stomp) when I remove the looper ?? thanks
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