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  1. Yes, it makes sense. The signal chain looks like
  2. Hey! yes that would be great. Is it possible to run the EQ and Vol/Pan in series, then the chorus, pitch and delay in the first path in series in a split-block and in the second path the EQ and Vol/Pan in series, then the delay and the multidelay with reverb in parallel in another split-block alemas
  3. I have tone-matched 7 amp sounds. They sound similar to the originals. Now i want to achieve a fx preset.
  4. Hi, i found a picture of Petruccis preset for axe-fx (see attached file). Now, i have the following questions: How to achieve a similar signal chain in Helix native? What effects does he use? What could be the settings? I hope someone could help me. Thank you and best regards, alemas
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