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  1. Also started having an issue with all switches and buttons on the Helix not working until I unplugged it from my laptop. Resolved all problems by updating everything (Firmware, Helix Edit, and Updater). Seems to be fine now.
  2. Same error when trying to backup or recover. Have firmware 2.8 and Windows 10. I discovered that the entire Helix 2 Setlist has been copied into my "Other Artists" setlist. Not sure if this was a bug or if I had done it accidentally (possible but don't think I did). My last backup was about 17 days ago so I figured I'd back up my current "broken" presets and recover from my older one. Backing up I encountered this 8201 error. Rebooted Helix and laptop and no better. Tried skipping the backup and just recovering my old preset list and same error. If I lose anything I did in the past two weeks it won't be much, but right now I cant backup or recover anything.
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