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  1. Lost all my User presets. I get this message Device has not been initialized properly. I can not save anything new in user presets.... HELP.......
  2. Joyinc

    Helix with DT25

    Thanks for your response... I had checked all of the settings and was still having issues. I decided to look into my connections and found a faulty 1/4" on my return cable to the amp. Problem was simple had I look at that first but in 20 plus years of this stuff I have only had maybe one cable fail on me... I consider this USER ERROR.. Thanks
  3. Joyinc

    Helix with DT25

    Okay, I just bought a DT25 to run with my Helix. I did so to get a variety of options and have tubes pushing the power amp section of my rig. I am running it in 4CM and the Helix tones are as expected and tight. When I create a patch with the DT in the mix I am having issues on the effects at the back side of the amp. All my effects before the amp (Phase, Flanger, ETC) work great but my delays and reverb effects after the amp are not. YES they are turned on and I have played with the volume and control settings on the effect to no avail... Any thoughts????
  4. Radatats, I will first admit that I am a MIDI dummy. That said I have my Helix connected via L6 and one midi cable as you describe (Helix DT50/out to DT/in). I have even downloaded your templates. I still have multiple issues when I select any of them. I downloaded your templates but I am getting mixed results. I was under the impression that CC#11 value 0 would eliminate all of the control panel and just run through the power amp section. The helix has taken over channel A but the control knobs still function and affect the overall sound. I went through each of your midi settings on your templates and they are all pretty similar. A typical layout for a template is as follows. Instant Midi Ch CC# Value 1 Base 19 0 This tells me Channel A/B select value 0 places it on A 2 Base 11 0 This tells me HD amp select value 0 means none 3 Base 71 0 This tells me Cabinet select value 0 means none 4 Base 82 0 This tells me Direct out Mic Emulation type value 0 means none 5 Base 36 127 This tells me Reverb bypass/enable value 127 that the reverb is bypassed? 6 Base 77 0 or 1 Tells me that the Topology is either 0 is tight 1 is loose. Does instant 2 not take out the controls on the face of the DT? Does instant 5 not remove the reverb? My question is what should my global Midi/Tempo settings be? (I think this might be a part of my problem) Also I do see that there are individual CC#'s for Drive, Bass, Mid, ETC but there are 7 control knobs and only 6 instant commands (yes I can turn the reverb to low). Again I am almost completely clueless about Midi and with what you have posted I have dabbled into this strange ocean but I am now feel like I am swimming against the current drowning fast. I so desperately want to keep my DT50 but it is getting harder too. I did buy a QSC K12 and run the Helix straight into it and it sounds great but I want my tube head and I want my 2X12 with vintage 30's because they still sound great and look even better.. I still have 10 days left to get this worked out to return the QSC.... Any thoughts
  5. Update. I did move to a different USB port, turned off Helix reset computer, turned Helix on and it worked...... In the past I had only reset the computer or power cycled the Helix but but not both and that didnt work.
  6. Im having the exact same issue and I am on Yosemite.
  7. I am on OS Yosemite and I am having problems updating. I can get 1.01 to load all day long but 1.01.2 keeps asking me for the application to load it into and Line 6 updater doesnt show my Helix. I know im stupid but this can't be that hard. Plus is there an available editor on your computer to create and edit patches like the HD500 because currently all I get when the Helix is opened is the patches on the left side of my screen and I can only change from one patch to another, or copy and paste patches. I tried to download from Customtone and got only two of four to actually load and play?
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