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  1. mfalkler

    Sending Live DAW Tracks to separate speakers

    You should be able to do this with the helix, with caveats. If you set the output of the ableton track to be something like helix USB 3/4, then you can route that input to a different output than your guitar. How to route tracks to different hardware outputs is different in every daw - I'm not familiar with how to do it in Ableton. The caveat is that I believe you would need to dedicate one of the helix paths to the ableton track in order to route it to a different output. For example, path 1 would have a guitar input and your amps and effects and stuff and output to the 1/4 inch outputs and path 2 would have USB 3/4 as the input and XLR as the output
  2. mfalkler

    using an effects loop block in two locations

    Yeah, the delay and IR wouldn't be part of the loop in that case. This is a tricky one
  3. mfalkler

    using an effects loop block in two locations

    You can't put multiple instances of the same FX loop or FX return into a preset. You CAN use multiple instances of the same send though. I'm trying to visualize the paths - If you want the loop after the amp and the loop playing in both paths, could you just put FX loop 2 after loop 1, but before the split?
  4. mfalkler

    Volume resets to on when switching presets.

    In the global settings, there are options for each expression pedal to save the state per preset, per snapshot, or globally. Setting to global should do what you want
  5. If you don't need any pre-amp effects from the helix, then the entire helix should go in the effects loop. Plug your guitar to the amp input, fx loop send to helix input, and helix output to fx loop return.
  6. mfalkler

    Wah Sounds Bad

    I had seen a case before where someone had inadvertently assigned the IR bypass to the toe switch, so when the wah came on the IR turned off. Not saying that's the issue here, but it's possible that more parameters are getting changed than you expect
  7. mfalkler


  8. mfalkler

    Importing into Helix LT Problems

    You most likely need to update your firmware. Depending on the amps that are used in the patches you downloaded, you'll need to be on at least FW 2.53
  9. mfalkler

    Help Impulse responses onto Helix HX

    All you select when you add the ir block is the number of samples. Once the block is added, you can pick which specific ir slot you want to use.
  10. mfalkler


    You can do this, but you have to assign those parameters to the snapshots controller. Assuming you are on floor or rack, you can do that by pressing down on the parameter knob as you turn. That will put the value in brackets and you'll be able to change them between snapshots
  11. mfalkler

    Recorded live with Helix, FW 2.50

    OK... This is awesome
  12. mfalkler

    Using the Expression Pedal to Switch Between Snapshots?

    You can set this up, but it requires diving into midi controls a little bit. If you plug a midi cable from the Helix's midi out into the midi in, then you can make the Helix sent midi commands to itself and control some parameters that way. Setting the expression pedal to control midi CC #69 and going from values 0-7 would scroll through the snapshots with the expression pedal. I'm not really doing it with the expression pedal, but I'm doing this midi stuff so I can assign a couple of snapshots to stomp switches and stay in 10-stomp mode.
  13. mfalkler

    Digitech Drop signal placement

    It should certainly be safe. I've got an EHX Pitch Fork in that same spot and it works great.
  14. mfalkler

    HX Effects Midi Control?

    It's in the manual, but the stuff about sending Midi is under the "Command Center" section and not in the midi section. Looks like it will do what you are looking for.
  15. mfalkler

    Running Helix between power amp and cab.

    Do not do this.