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Found 6 results

  1. Going to start of by saying Not my first day with the Helix. "Looking for answers". From day one I have been running my Helix 4 cable + Midi control to my JVM 410HJS. Have Used the Chrome Wah with no issues and the sound has been great. I have wanted to Start running the Helix to FOH for some smaller gigs. (Note)Our rehersal space is set up just like we play on stage. So I am running the ANGL Amp And a IR for cab. Have everything sounding great untill I engage the Wah. Then it goes to crap. Sounds horrible. It is shrill and not usable and unrealistic sounding. I have tried every wah in the system tried changing the sweap, hi cut, every adjustment I can without adding another EQ just set up for the wah and not shure that will even work. Looking for guidance on what may be causing it. I need the amp sound close to the same tone when engaged but with a normal wah sound. Thanks
  2. It is really time for Line6 to put out an optimization manual that helps anyone using any rig to avoid getting anything but the best sounds out of the Helix. I have been trying to use Combo amp front end and effects returns and havent been able to reproduce any soudn shown on demos. This is keeping me and others from buying a helix because we want proof that the sounds are achievable. 1399 to 2000 dollars is a lot to spend to haev pay restocking fees because you cant stand how it sound. Many buyers claim they are the bext thing since slice bread. Help us get there and save some customers. Other competitors like headrush are as bad, Boss Gt1000 stilll hasnt resolved the process sound issue and isnt as flexible as the helix. So help us out. All I get on the blogs are vague answers.
  3. Hi! When I play on the amplifier, it sounds good. When I have headphones (studio headphones 668B) it have a lot of fuzz. It's the same when I record in Reaper, or other DAW. On YT people are recording by USB and it sounds naturally, and good... And for me it farts a lot. Unnatural and scary.
  4. Is it just me feeling that the latest firmware version 2.10.00 sounds worse? Anybody feel the same? Is it my ears going bad? Although it was released nearly a year ago, I just updated mine, feeling insecure about it. Well, frankly, after every update I feel like it sounded worse and worse. Thinking of going back to the first version back from 2010. My gut feeling is that, before the product launch they worked on it heavily, getting the sound right, then as updates came around, just a few minor group of people worked on the updates based on feedback and bug reports but ultimately breaking the soul of it's sound. If anybody replies with a yes, I'm going back to the old firmware.
  5. Hello POD experts! :) I have a POD X3 Live which I bought about 4-5 years ago. Maybe 2 years ago I stopped playing it, because I somehow wasn't happy with its sound. Now I have used a POD 2.0 of a friend of mine and I found the sounds great! Compared to them my X3 Live Sounds are a lot thinner and less powerful - the basses are too weak somehow and the higher frequencies it is not so defined. (that is true for any of the sounds - also for the preset ones) Do you guys have any idea what might be the reason for that? I guess the X3 Sounds should actually be at least as good as the POD 2.0 sounds... I already tried to use earlier versions of the Flash memory, but that didn't change anything. I appreciate any advice that could be helpful here! Cheers! Airbus
  6. I have been using my pod hd 500 almost every day for a year now without any problems at all. i have recorded with mic and xlr cables, used the out balanced to my flextone III amp and i am pretty satisfied so far. but yesterday it started to sound really weird at the same time i was playing. its like an noisy, clicking, crappy sound and i cant get it back the way i it was. i have reset it back to factory settings, global settings, re-installed all line 6 software', making new presents, downloaded others, switching the output modes between studio/direct and the power amp selections, tested the pod in another amp and computer. but nothing works so i need some help :)
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