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  1. I can tell you this: I own a JCM800 with a Marshall 4x12 loaded with greenbacks. I play in a cover band and have for 30 years. I've miced that cabinet with an Sm57 for most of that time. I also own a Helix Lt. The JCM800 model using the 57 mic version Ir OwnHammer greenback sounds nearly identical coming out of our PA as the real deal. In fact, some nights it sounds better.
  2. rd2rk summed it up quick and perfect. XLR set to mic and sent to board. 1/4 to monitor. Global controls 1/4 inch.
  3. That wasn't quite what I was asking. But the answer, if anyone stumbles on to this in the future, is you load one of the sample IR's and then turn the No. 1 Knob to cycle through the various IR's in the unit.
  4. I have the Helix HX, firmware is up to date. I bought some Impulse responses from 3sigma. Effects unit is plugged into my Mac. Open Helix Edit. Drag the impulse into Edit. Got to the unit, scroll to Impulse Responses and there is nothing there but the two samples. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
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