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  1. Psarkissian -- thank you. I usually have dinner with Seymour and the Crew in Jan for NAAM. Just thinking, I may ask his team do a little something special for me for the 69S that is obviously a SD pickup.... :). maybe a reverse wound center acting as a humbucker. :)
  2. Team, Is there some specific impedance I need if I want to swap the JVT-69S pickups for Seymour Antiquities? I don’t want to mess up the expected impediance, etc if I swap the pickups. I can get Seymour’s team to build custom wound pickups for me if needed to specific specs. Thank you for the help.
  3. Psakissian, Follow up on chasing the bug. So here is part of what I found. The connectors seem to have oxidized a bit. When I went to the authorized repairs shop we pulled all the top board connectors. There are only three on the top board. No disassembly just took off the cover. Used Deoxit 100, brushed a bit on lightly. reset the connectors a few times. Most of the problems seem to have disappeared. I suspect there are a few more connectors on the bottom of the board, i just don't want to disassemble it. So for the last week there has been no difference in volume levels modeled or passive. Just wanted to follow up with you so you have some new info in your arsenal. Thanks
  4. Psark, The problem has reappear. It's not the connector at this point. Must be on the board. I am not sure what to do so I am sending it off to an authorized service center that serviced another problem with the battery box. Do I need to open a ticket with you all or should I just let the center manage the problem? Thanks
  5. one thing,,,, is that connector suppose to be locked in? or is it just press fit and friction? It pulled out of the connector with very little resistance, like none! If the connector secure clip is buggered, it may worth getting it fixed. or coming up with a solution. Thanks. Still learning here.
  6. Psarkissian, Update to the story. I decided to take a look around in the guitar last night. Maybe new strings, etc. Just to see if there was anything obvious. Bit of a rattle, however I know there are no ball ends. Took off the back cover plates, nothing. And yeppers millions of circuits and molex connectors, etc. Just for fun, (Yes I know my way around computers and circuits -- static grounded myself btw) pulled the pickups molex, and re-seated it. Boom all good. Pickup output back where it was. Me think that there was a bit of oxidation on the molex pins and receivers. So back in action. Very odd, not sure why that would happen however it's something to put in you basket of tricks. If that didn't work, then it was off to the shop. Thank you.
  7. I have not broken any strings. I did try raising the bridge pickup quite a bit the other day. Nothing rattling around either. Can I look for the shot to do a bit of self-analysis? Could the jack be futz up? it was just all of a sudden there. I did re-string a while ago but all the ball ends were there. I would have gone hunting if one was gone. :) Any other ideas? I don't want it back in the shop again.
  8. JTV-69S thank you for the reminder. I recently had the battery box replaced under warrantee
  9. Team, I have a problem where the pickups have very low volume output .vs. the modeling. I mean it's like pickups volume level 3 modeled volume level 10. 1. I have re-flash firmware with 2.23 no change 2. re-flashed 2.20 no change 3. Left battery out for hour, put it back in no change 4. Tried VDI and 1/4 cable into Helix/PowerCab same issue Any other ideas?
  10. Just to add to this. Bought a JVT-69S 2019. I had a problem with a fully charged battery running down in about 5 minute. Now that was not the problem but the battery check indicated the battery was flat. I have the guitar in at a warrenty repair site. The battery box voltage reg is futz's up. He needs to get a new battery box. 3-4 weeks. It appears that the circuity may have design fault in the box. I do use the VDI with my Helix all the time. I just want to have the option. Love the guitar, want to run it with a reg amp as well.
  11. jerseyboy what should a fully charged battery read: about 8.4 because mine read 8.3-8.4 Trying to figure out why the batteries are flatting after about 5 minutes....... I think I may have a short in the JVT. Still trying to sort it out.
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