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  1. > I think, you want to be able to stop it without it immediately playing back. Correct. > even if you could stop it right away, if you stop playback and hit record again it overwrites the previous recording That's fine. This is only really critical for getting rid of a recording that has a mistake in it. Which is funny, because in overdubbing mode that's what the UNDO button does. (Still can't believe that UNDO doesn't just stop recording when you're on the first loop.) Even my 15 year old Digitech GNX5 had a dedicated "Stop/Undo" button built in to the onboard looper.
  2. unit: hx effects firmware: 2.40.0 Is it possible to stop recording a loop w/ a single action? I know that i can hit record to start a new loop - that's not what I want. I know that I can hit play twice real fast to play and then stop, but some of the loop will still play (whatever sneaks out in between the first and second press of the button). UNDO works fine for overdubs, so I was surprised that it wouldn't also abort the current recording. (IMO, UNDO should stop the current recording for the first loop.) This might not seem like a big deal, but I depend heavily on the looper so this could be a deal-breaker that causes me to return the unit in favor of something else, which I don't want to do! Thanks.
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